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K.J. McCorry

K.J. McCorry is the president and founder of Officiency Inc, a professional organizing company based in Boulder, Colorado. Since l996, Officiency has worked with large and small businesses, as well as government and non-profit organizations to help people become more efficient and streamline their operations. Officiency has been recognized by local and national publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. K.J. has also been interviewed on many TV and radio programs.

K.J.'s background includes being an operations manager for a small natural foods company and living in Japan and Southeast Asia for five years training Japanese businesses in language and cross cultural issues. She was a master trainer and consultant for Prudential Intercultural and has provided corporate intercultural seminars for many Fortune 500 companies.

A native of Denver, K.J. received her BA in Psychology and International Business from Metropolitan State College in Denver. Now living In Boulder, she serves as the chairperson for P3 Colorado – a network for Business for Social Responsibility. Through her Trainings at Learning for Living® she looks forward to teaching young people valuable skills at the very beginning of their professional lives.

K.J. teaches the Training, The Basics of Organizing, at Learning for Living®.


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