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Learning for Living Institute® is the only organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to teaching life-competency skills to college and graduate-age young people. While a wealth of resources exists regarding the teaching of social and emotional skills to children under 18, it is much more difficult to find research on the importance of these skills in the lives of people ages 18 to 25. As we continue to gather cutting-edge research on this topic, we at Learning for Living® would like to make recent important information available here on our web site. It is our hope to contribute through the dissemination of this material to the development and growth of a nation-wide effort to bring valuable life-skills trainings to vulnerable college and graduate students.

Researchers, teachers, counselors and others who have important information regarding teaching life-competency skills to college and graduate age young adults are encouraged to let us know about their work by contacting Executive Director Dorcas McDonald at


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