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A Blueprint For Success

"Are We There Yet?"
Planning a retreat for your officers or your members this semester? Whether for one or a hundred people, jump-start your program with a strategic planning session.

Good planning starts by identifying your vision and your goals, and discovering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges that can help or hinder your achievements. We’ll show you how to clarify and prioritize what you want to do, map your action steps, build in time lines and accountability, and decide “who does what when” to maximize your success. No matter how large your group, we customize your Strategic Planning Training to help you:

  • Develop your “big picture” plan for the next phase of your work
  • Draw a blueprint for success which takes into account your organization’s unique needs, strengths and challenges
  • Set concrete action steps for each project and event you have scheduled
  • Bring together and use the skills of all your group members
  • Troubleshoot, track your progress, and make adjustments to stay on target and guarantee an all-that-you-hoped-for success

This training is taught by Learning for Living® Teachers:

This is one of many possible Trainings in Strategic Planning. Each situation is different, so Learning for Living® customizes the Training for every client and all Training participants.

Students tell us:

“I really liked this. It was great to get the leaders to think about these issues.”
     - President of Client Organization

“Great way to get the group off on the right track and begin to set up initial goals.”

"Fun, hit home. Important to put talk into action.”

"I enjoyed the training because it was very specific to me and my goals and gave me the ideas to put those goals into action.”


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