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Take Control of Your Finances

"You're A POOR College Student"
What could be worse than balancing your checkbook?Not balancing it, of course! What could be worse than having to balance your checkbook when the figures don’t come out the way you want? Many college students are worried about money. As one student told us, “Happiness is staying out of debt.”

Smart money management means being aware of how much money you have, knowing the difference between your needs and your wants, increasing income when possible, and taking charge of what you can and can’t spend.

This Training guides you through an enlightening exploration of your finances that is sure to leave you feeling motivated and empowered. You will:

  • Know exactly what your actual income and expenses are
  • Develop new ways to increase your income
  • Prioritize and create better ways to control your spending
  • Develop a spending plan that allows you to live within your means
  • Enjoy a few of the pleasures that make life worth living
  • Gain control of your money - and your life

This training is taught by Learning for Living® Teachers:

This is one of many possible Trainings in Personal Money Management. Each situation is different, so Learning for Living® customizes the Training for every client and all Training participants.



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