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Facilitate Great Meetings, Motivate People and Get Maximum Results

"Get People to Look at You - Not at Their Watches"
People get frustrated and waste lots of time when meetings aren’t well run or well organized. Don’t allow your own or others’ valuable time to be eaten up in tiresome, unfocused meetings.

Running enjoyable, productive meetings is an easy-to-learn skill that is useful whether you’re working with large or small groups. Let our teachers give you practice in proven skills which can ensure that your meetings are well attended and get maximum results. You will experience the difference!

This fast-paced Training will help you:

  • Know when you need a meeting and when you can accomplish the same thing more easily and efficiently another way
  • Use good planning techniques and preparation so that you can accomplish the purpose of each meeting
  • Communicate so that you keep the meeting and the participants engaged and on track
  • Practice the essential skills that go into successful meetings

This training is taught by Learning for Living® Teachers:

This is one of many possible Trainings in Managing Meetings. Each situation is different, so Learning for Living® customizes the Training for every client and all Training participants.

Students tell us:

“ … Very Engaging.” “… Very Interesting.”

"“I like the organizational guidance (running a meeting, splitting into committees).”

“(The most interesting and valuable part was) the task-oriented roles –it’s nice to know that no one role can make it work, it’s the combination of all!”


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