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How to Become a More Effective Leader

"How to Lead Others Who Don't Necessarily Want to Follow"
Great leadership can make all the difference in how successful you are in achieving your goals. Too often leadership is learned the painful way - by trail and error. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Responding to your individual questions, Learning for Living®’s teachers will provide you with the crucial leadership skills you need to help you be dynamically successful at the helm of your organization. This practical, hands-on Training helps student leaders learn the principles and skills they need to build confidence and create results. Through practicing the competencies effective leaders use, participants develop the knowledge and skills they need to develop their own leadership capacities. This student-centered, interactive Training will enable you to:

  • Assess your leadership ability and identify your strengths
  • Improve those areas that could stand a little improvement
  • Create buy-in and loyalty from your members
  • Practice the skills you will need to create the results you want

This training is taught by Learning for Living® Teachers:

This is one of many possible Trainings in Leadership. Each situation is different, so Learning for Living® customizes the Training for every client and all Training participants.

Students tell us:

“Leadership and team building activities are good for anyone wanting to do well in life."

“Interesting, motivating. Effective because we had time to work on our own projects."

“It was fun, relaxed, yet great skills to know." "It was very helpful to identify obstacles and think about how to get through them."


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