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Responsible Decision-Making Around Alcohol

"Thinkin''bout Drinkin'"
All of us have sat through terminally boring health classes and lectures on alcohol. "Just Say No" sounds like a broken record and we don't want to hear it any more. So why should we even talk about decision-making around drinking? Well, it's not just about the alcohol...

As your allies and consultants, we won't tell you how to think or act or what to believe. We'll spend time getting to know you, your perspectives and your needs. We'll collaborate with you to help you arrive at your own best answers for how to respond to the alcohol issues you face. We'll help you translate your personal values into goals and actions that put you in control. We can also give you practice in the assertiveness skills you will need to deal successfully with the inevitable pressures that might otherwise lead to regrets and missed opportunities.

We will equip you with the skills you need to make your own best decisions by helping you:

  • Become clear on your values and goals - during and after college
  • Discover the best ways to realize your values and reach your goals
  • Make decisions that put you in greater control of your life
  • Make good friends and support each other in being safe and successful
  • Respond effectively to alcohol concerns that come from university administration and from your own community

This training is taught by Learning for Living® Teachers:

This is one of many possible Trainings in Responsible Decision-Making. Each situation is different, so Learning for Living® customizes the Training for every client and all Training participants.


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