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Perry Bergman, Graphic Designer

For Perry Bergman, a career in art was the natural choice. Perry first showed artistic talent as a child, spending hours drawing while sitting in front of the television. Whatever he saw on TV, he drew — cops and robbers, football players, detectives. He took art classes in high school and, as a new high school graduate, joined the Marines and was sent to Okinawa to help the U.S. effort in Vietnam.

After serving in the military, Perry attended the Dallas Art Institute and continued to draw, first for a jewelry company, then for the advertising department at the Houston Chronicle and various ad agencies, including Tri-State Designs and Schwinn Bicycles. In one job, he was expected to produce as many as 100 illustrations of grocery products each week. In 1988, he moved from Texas to Boulder, where he worked in graphic design and illustrations for various companies before going into business on his own in 1996. His work has included illustrations for Kelty and ads for the Saturn car company magazine.

Perry's interests include camping and backpacking, fly fishing and tennis. He appreciates the opportunity to work with Learning for Living® because he believes Learning for Living® offers college students the kind of "nuts and bolts" skills they truly need. He is the father of two grown children.


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