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Caroline Quinby Rush, Researcher

An insatiable desire to get to the heart of the matter drives Learning for Living® researcher Caroline Quinby Rush.  Caroline's nose for facts (and where to unearth them) is grounded in her inquisitive nature to discover everything she can about a subject.

With a B.A. in African and Middle Eastern studies and a M.A. in International Affairs, Caroline has worked for several education, government, and non-profit organizations, including the University of Colorado Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International Development.  Her background in project design, evaluation, and outreach is an invaluable asset for the continued expansion of Learning for Living®'s research department, informational databases, and knowledge library. Caroline is frequently found preparing support data for brief reports, analyzing in depth issues, and assisting in all aspects of Learning for Living®’s research which focuses on university students’ interests and concerns, national issues in higher education, Life Skills Education’s theoretical foundations and best practices for its curricula and teaching methodologies.

Caroline's work for Learning for Living® has a personal connection for her as well.  As a freshman in college, her oldest son, Aidan, is embarking on many of the personal and academic challenges Learning for Living® addresses.  Caroline is excited about the opportunity to help college students while pursuing the research activities she loves.

A Colorado resident since 1992, Caroline lives in Boulder with her husband Randy and their two teenage sons, Aidan, 17, and Evan, 14.  While not pouring through volumes of information at the library or online, Caroline likes to hike the trails around Boulder with her golden retriever, ski at Steamboat, and travel with her family.


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